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Postgraduate Research Vagueness Seminars at KCL

A 9-week seminar looking at problems and solutions to the problems of vagueness.
Contact details: mat.carmody@orange.net

Seminar 1Tuesday, 15th January 2008Introduction: What is Vagueness?
Seminar 2Tuesday, 22nd January 2008Supervaluationism
Seminar 3Tuesday, 29th January 2008Williamson's Epistemicism
Seminar 4Tuesday, 5th February 2008Sorensen's Epistemicism
Seminar 5Tuesday, 19th February 2008Psychologism and Intuitionism
Seminar 6Tuesday, 26th February 2008Contextualisms
Seminar 7Tuesday, 4th March 2008Minimal Contextualism
Seminar 8Tuesday, 11th March 2008Higher-Order Vagueness
Seminar 9Tuesday, 18th March 2008Vague Objects


(supplementary reading lists will appear soon)

Seminar 1: Introduction: What is Vagueness?
Tuesday, 15th January 2008

Hyde, D.2005'Sorites Paradox', Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy. http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/sorites-paradox/
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Seminar 1 Notes and Other Material (for download)
Vagueness - A Field Guide
Identifying Borderline Cases
Peirce on Vagueness

Seminar 2: Supervaluationism
Tuesday, 29th January 2008

Fine, K.1975'Vagueness, Truth & Logic'. Synthèse 30, pp. 265-300. Reprinted in Keefe & Smith (1996), pp. 119-150
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Keefe, R.2000Theories of Vagueness. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, ch.7
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Seminar 3: Williamson's Epistemicism
Tuesday, 5th February 2008

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Seminar 4: Sorensen's Epistemicism
Tuesday, 12th February 2008

Sorensen, R.1988Blindspots. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Sorensen, R.2001Vagueness and Contradiction. Oxford: Oxford University Press

Seminar 5: Psychologism (and Intuitionism)
Tuesday, 19th February 2008

Schiffer, S.2004The Things We Mean, ch. 5
Field, H.2000'Indeterminacy, Degree of Belief, and Excluded Middle', Noûs 34, pp. 1-30.

Seminar 6: Contextualism I
Tuesday, 26th February 2008

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Soames, S.1999Understanding Truth, ch.7 New York: Oxford University Press

Seminar 7: Contextualism II
Tuesday, 4th March 2008

Carmody, M.2007'Minimal Contextualism', MS
Horgan, T.1994'Transvaluationism: A Dionysian Approach To Vagueness'. In Horgan (ed.) Vagueness. The Proceedings of the Spindel Conference 1994, published as The Southern Journal of Philosophy 33, Supp. Volume., pp. 97-126.
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Seminar 8: Higher-Order Vagueness
Tuesday, 11th March 2008

Carmody, M.2007'Do We Need Higher Order Vagueness?', MS
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Seminar 9: Vague Objects
Tuesday, 18th March 2008

Evans, G.1978'Can There Be Vague Objects?', Analysis 38. p 208.
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